Organized on November 09, 1859 as the Virginia Howitzers Artillery Battery, under the command of Captain George Wythe Randolph.

In May 1861, the original battery was divided and formed three companies of the re-designated Richmond Howitzers Artillery Battalion.

The 2nd Company -  enlisted into Confederate service on April 21, 1861, commanded by Captain Lorraine Farquar Jones.  As apart of the Army of Northern Virginia, the company fought in many major battles of the Civil War.  The unit was at the surrender at Appamattox Court House, on April 09, 1865.

After the war, Capt. L. F. Jones lived at 500 North Taylor, Kirwood, Missouri.  His 1860's seven room stone house was known as "Ivy Lodge".  The house was later enlarged to provide sufficent room for the eight children of Capt. & Mrs. Jones.  Captain Jones is buried in the "Forever Oak Hill" cemetery in Kirkwood.

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